Xavi Pascual / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

After FC Barcelona Intersport’s last training session before Saturday’s match at the Palau Blaugrana against BM Atlético Madrid, Xavi Pascual held a press conference. The manager focused on the quality of his team’s rival and the importance of a full Palau ahead of tomorrow's decisive match.

The Palau on big match days

The Club announced that most of the tickets for tomorrow’s match are have been sold. However, tickets still remain available for members - who have free access to the arena - and supporters.

This fact didn’t go unnoticed by the Barça manager: “we know that there are still tickets left, we need a full Palau. The people need to help us like they’ve always done, especially in the last European home matches.”

Focused on winning

When asked about the different possible outcomes that could give Barça the title, Pascual was clear: “we know that Atlético are a very good team. Any outcome could happen tomorrow, but we’re only focused on winning.”

The Barça manager talked about his team’s excellent trajectory in the Asobal League, “we’ve earned the chance to win the Asobal title at home,” but he added that “it’s difficult because playing at home isn’t the only factor between two big teams like Barça and Atlético Madrid - a lot comes into play.

“The two best teams in Europe will meet on the court tomorrow. The keepers, the defences and the one-on-ones could tip the scales in either direction,” said Pascual.

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