Daniel Saric. PHOTO: ARXIU FCB.

A draw would have been sufficient for Barça Intersport to qualify as group leaders, but the Catalans were looking for the win against Sävehof in the final match of the group stages. Without Nagy, out due to injury, Rubiella’s men showed that they learned their lesson when they lost to Croatia last week.

Amazing Sjostrand

The team controlled the game from the start, in fact, they never trailed the Swedes throughout the game. At the start, Larsson kept Sävehof in the match (4-4, min. 8). The keepers, on the other hand, were the main protagonists during the first half, especially Sjostrand, who had an incredible first period. The Barça team was set up in a 5-1 defence, with Jernemyr, who didn’t play midweek due to a knee injury.

Eight goals just before the break

The mano-a-mano between the two sides lasted until the 19th minute (6-9). From that point on, Barça Intersport ran away with the game. Noddesbo was Barça’s highest scorer in the first half that ended with an 11-19 on the scoreboard. In the last minutes of the half, Sävehof let their guard down. Their attacks were less fluid and their defence was slacking. It proved to be fatal for the Swedes as Barça took advantage of the situation.

Goals galore

The game was already decided before the players came out onto the court for the second half, however, Barça never let up. Rubiella sent fresh players out to maintain team tension, and on 37 minutes Barça had a 10 goal lead (13-23). Despite the Swedish goalkeeper’s stellar performance, Barça keet on knocking goals in. The wingers Tomás and Juanín scored some of the team’s best goals this season, and at the other end, Saric, who came in for Sjostrand, had a couple of great saves.

However, the Swedes managed to cut into Barça’s lead thanks to their long-range shots. But Barça’s advantage was insurmountable, and the Catalans closed out the match and secured top spot of Group A (26-39).



IK Sävehof:
Fredrik Larsson (8), Emil Berggren (3), Victor Fridén (1), Robert Johansson (1), Michael Apelgren (1), Niclas Barud (3), Tobias Albrechtsson (2), Eric Forsell-Schefvert (3), Viktor Ottosson (1), Tobias Johansson (1), Robert Månsson (1), Erik Fritzon (1).

FC Barcelona Intersport: Sjostrand, Jesper Nöddesbo (9), Victor Tomas (4), Raul Entrerrios (5), Cedric Sorhaindo (2), Daniel Sarmiento (2), Cristian Ugalde (1), Mikel Aguirrezabalaga (3), Siarhei Rutenka (2), Albert Rocas (2), Konstantin Igropulo (6), Juanín Garcia (3), Saric, Magnus Jernemyr and Viran Morros.

Referees: Andrei Gousko/ Siarhei Repkin

Assistència: 4123

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