PHOTO:Miguel Ruíz-FCB

The Azulgrana fans can now see the 19th Asobal League trophy at the FC Barcelona Museum. The cup installment ceremony was attended by the Board member responsible for the handball team, Eduard Coll; the technical secretary, Enric Masip; manager, Xavi Pascual and the second captain, Vítor Tomás.

FC Barcelona Intersport’s space in the Museum

Eduard Col, Enric Masip, Xavi Pascual and Vítor Tomás were accompanied by the Sections Director Joan Carles Raventós, the handball general manager, Xavi O’Callaghan and Jordi Penas, director of the Museum during the installment ceremony.

The Board director responsible for the team, Coll, said: “it’s a great moment, being able to bring the cup to the Club’s Museum, it’s the culmination of the team’s great year - it’s also been a good year for the reserve team and Cadete A.”

Víctor Tomás' excitement

Tomás was very excited to be part of the cup installment ceremony. “It’s the first time I’ve been here and I hope it won’t be the last. It excites me that I’m able to attend this ceremony, it’s a reminder of our victory after a long and hard season.”

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