Jesper Noddesbo /FOTO: ARXIU FCB

Jesper Noddesbo’s contract with FC Barcelona Intersport reaches its end at the end of this season, but he has just come to an agreement with the club to extend for two more years.

Noddesbo has said he is ‘very happy to stay in Barcelona for two more seasons. I am very happy to have renewed and to carry on helping the team’.

Twelve titles at FCB

31 year old Jesper Noddesbo was born in Herning (Denmark) and came to FC Barcelona’s handball team in the 07/08 season and has gone on to become one of the most admired members of the first team squad.

At the club, he has won winners medals for the Champions League (10/11), the Asobal League (10/11), the Asobal Supercup (08/09 and 09/10), the Copa del Rey (08/09 and 09/10), the Asobal Cup (09/10 and 11/12) and the Pyrenees League (07/08,09/10,10/11 and 11/12)

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