Víctor Tomás celebrates his goal against BM Atletico Madrid / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

“[My favourite memories] are Laszlo’s goal on Altético Madrid’s court, winning back possession and the counterattack from Viran in Valladolid, the match against Torrevieja, which we were losing but we mounted a comeback at the end, Pasqui’s appearance at the Palau, etc. It was a hard-fought Liga, it was difficult,” said Víctor Tomás during the celebration of the title. Here are the five key moments in Barça Intersport’s Liga campaign:

1.- Last-second goal from Nagy in Vistalegre:

Barça Intersport managed to come away with a vital victory on BM Atlético Madrid’s court on the 13th match day of the Liga Asobal (23-25). Despite being pressured by the 12,000 cheering fans that filled the stands at Vistalegre, Pascual’s men fought back in the second half with the help of a fantastic Saric and a last-second goal from Nagy. The result meant that FC Barcelona were league leaders.

2. - Victory in Torrevieja after fighting back from a three-goal deficit in the five minutes

BM Torrevieja were winning 32 to 29 with five minutes left on the clock in the last match of the first half of the season. Barça didn’t give up and, with help from the Rutenka-Entrerríos duo up front, the team fought back in the last five minutes to claim a vital victory (32-34).

3. - Winning possession and counterattack from Morros in Valladolid

Viran Morros killed the game off away to Cuatro Rayas BM Valladolid in the last second of the match. The nail-bitting play in the last second of the game, which saw the Barça player win the ball back and score on the counter, was decisive. The victory allowed Barça Intersport to keep their two-point advantage at the top of the table over BM Atlético Madrid.

4. - The team maintain ‘goal-average’ advantage over Atlético with Entrerríos as a keeper-player

Barça Intersport managed to keep their goal-average advantage over BM Atlético Madrid in the Colchonero’s visit to the Palau on the 28th match day of the Liga Asobal. The Azulgranas were losing by five at the break. Raúl Entrerríos, playing as a keeper-player, scored the definitive 29 to 30 with nine seconds left on the clock. Despite losing, Pascual’s men still depended on themselves to win the title with two matches yet to be played in the season.

5. - Good pressure management against Ademar León and BM Torrevieja

Barça were on the verge of winning the title but the team needed to beat Ademar León, the third-place team of the Liga, away from the Palau. Barça didn’t succumb to the pressure and took the match 30-34. A fantastic game from Saric and the team’s excellent work on offence set the stage for an epic finish at the Palau. Despite the slow start, Pascual’s men beat BM Torrevieja (38-28) and they closed out the season in triumphant fashion as the Azulgranas clinched their second consecutive Liga Asobal title.

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