The first European Cup, in 1991, was won after a comeback.Photo:Arxiu-FCB

One of FC Barcelona Intersport’s known traits is that the team never gives up; they always have the capacity to mount a comeback. With the help of the Palau Blaugrana, FCB Inersport have been able to overturn adverse away-leg results in European matches.

There are 19 cases of Barça fighting back and winning a tie after losing the first leg of a play off. The challenge of overturning that two-goal lead that Montpelier enjoys is nothing new to the Barcelona side.

Round of 16 comebacks

FC Barcelona had to fight back in the return leg of the European Cup in their first appearance in the championship. It was in the 1969/70 season and in the round of 16, the team lost in the away leg in Luxembourg to Dudelingen by 20 to 18 - Barça fought back at the Palau and won 25-15.

The next comeback came in the 88/89 season in the European Cup. Barça lost 17-15 on Gummersbach’s court and won 20-15 at the Palau.

In the 95/96 European Cup, the Azulgranas mounted a comeback against Linde Liz. In Austria, they lost by three goals, they won, however, in the return leg by 10.

The last fight back in the Round of 16 was against Montpelier. On the French team’s court, in the 2006/07 season, the Azulgranas lost by three and won at the Palau by six.

Quarter-final comebacks

In the quarter-finals, FC Barcelona have comeback four times. In the 1989/90 season, the Azulgranas fought back from a six goal deficit against Redbergslids Göteborg, winning by ten at the Palau. The loss by one to Elektromos, in the Cup Winners Cup in the 94/95 season, also was overturned at the Palau with a win margin of 11 goals.

The 97/98 European Cup saw Barça lose by 5 goals on Veszprém’s court. In the return leg, Barça won 32-27. The fact that the Catalans scored more goals in Hungry saw the Azulgranas through to the semis.

The last comeback in the quarter-finals was in the 04/05 European Cup against THW Kiel. In Keil, Barça lost by five goals and in the Palau they won by six.

Semi-final comebacks

In European semi-final playoffs, FC Barcelona have had to fight back six times. Vikingur, from Iceland, was the first when they won by 7 in Iceland but lost to Barça by 12 at the Palau. The next victim was Vaek Epitok, they won by 2 at home and lost by 10 at the Palau.
Wallau Massenheim, Celje and THW Kiel all won the away matches at home and saw their advantage overturned at the Palau Blaugrana.

Final comebacks

The last two-leg final played by FC Barcelona was against BM Ciudad Real, in the 2004/05 season. Ciudad Real beat the Azulgranas by one goal in the away match and lost at the Palau by two. That was the seventh European Cup for FC Barcelona Intersport.

The final of the Cup Winners Cup in the 1984/85 season, against CSKA Moscow; the fist European Cup final in 1990/91, against Proleter; the final of the Cup Winners Cup in 1993/94 against Marseille; and the European Cup final of 1999/00 against THE Kiel, all saw the title lifted by Barça after the Azulgranas successfully mounted a comeback in each and every final.

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