Barça Intersport have to fight back from a six-goal deficit to qualify for the Final Four of the Champions League. It’s a complicated challenge, but in previous playoff ties, especially at the Palau, comebacks are common.

-FC Barcelona have won 17 ties in the European competition when they lost the first leg of the tie. They did it six times in the Round of 16, five times in the quarter-finals and six times in the semi-finals.

-Barça’s handball team have played in 15 quarter-final ties in the Champions League with the return leg at home. They went through to the next round on 11 occasions.

-Barça have played four Champions League ties against Danish sides (two against Gudme, once against KFUM Aarhus and once against Hellerup IK) and the Catalans have won them all.

-The last tie that FC Barcelona lost the away leg and mounted a comeback in the return leg at the Palau was the last round of this Champions League competition. Barça, who lost to Montpelier 30-28 in France, beat the French side 36-20 at the Palau.

-There are three times the team have fought back after losing the first leg by six or more goals. The first was in the Cup Winners Cup in 84/85, the team lost to Iceland’s Vikingur by 7 goals but won by 12 at the Palau. In the final of the Cup Winners Cup of that season, the Azulgrana’s lost 30-23 to Moscow, but they ended up winning the title at the Palau by beating the Moscow side 27-20.

- The third fight back that involved a deficit of six or more goals was in the 1989/90 season. The Barça side lost by six to Goteborg, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and came back to win by nine at the Palau.

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