Ugalde against Granollers. PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS- FCB.

Barça Intersport didn’t give Fraikin Granollers a chance in the 50th Catalan derby in the history on the Asobal League. Like in the four previous games at the Olímpico, the game belonged to the all Azulgrana. The match was fairly equal until minute 30. Barça’s victory was won at the back (with an amazing Saric) and put out of reach by Barça’s superior attacking skill. Thanks to the new will, Barça still tops the Asobal League.

Barça dominates from the start

Xavi Pascual’s men dominated from the start thanks to the high intensity on defence and a near unbeatable Saric (the keeper outdid himself saving a shot from seven metres out). On offence, Juanín’s whiplash wrist was on form and Sarmiento was highly effective in front of Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas’ goal. By minute nine the away team had a four goal lead.

Timeouts, key

Even without Jernemyr on the court the mechanics of the reining European champions remained the same. A timeout called by Manolo Cadenas on 17 minutes revived Granollers, though Nagy’s sheer power kept Barça in the driving seat. Granollers was gaining ground, however, and Pascual called a timeout of his own, where he changed his team’s formation to 5-1. The new defence helped Barça regain their rhythm. On minute 28, Víctor Tomás put Barça up, its highest lead in the first half, 11-16. The goal margin remained throughout the first half thanks to a goal from Ugalde (12-17).

Barça Intersport runs away with it

The beginning of the second half were full of imprecisions for Barça. This, and an active Pérez de Vargas, allowed the home team to get within five goals of Barça Alusport; but no closer. On 40 minutes, the situation would stabalize and Barça stormed ahead. The visiting team took advantage of their numerical superiority to rack up a lead of nine goals (17-26).

Atlético de Madrid, next

The growing difference of goals between the two sides was what finally took the wind out of Granollers’ sails. Cadenas was trying to avoid giving Barça more chances but the visiting side had more and more attempts on goal, even counterattacks. By the 51st minute, Barça had a 10 goal lead. Juanín, accompanied by Tomás and Ugalde, had no mercy - they were largely responsible for Barça’s late-game dominance. Barça jumped to a 12 goal lead but Granollers brought it down to 9 at the end (24-33). Having dispatched Granollers, Barça will be in perfect condition to face off in the all-important match against Atlético de Madrid on December 10th.



Fraikin Granollers (12 +12): Pérez de Vargas; Blanxart (2), Campos (3), Capdevila (3), Félez, Chispy, Resina (5) -starting team- Pérez, Grundsten (1), Reznicek (1), Solé (3), Pujol (6) and Raigal.

FC Barcelona Intersport (17 +16): Saric; Víctor Tomás (4), Nagy (7), Sorhaindo (1), Jernemyr, Noddesbo (3), Juanín (5, 1p.)-starting team-, Rutenka (4, 1p.), Aguirrezabalaga (1), Igropulo, Sarmiento (3), Ugalde (5) and Sjostrand (ps).

Referees: Fernández Fernández and Rodríguez Rodríguez. Ejected: Chispi (m. 22 and 42) for Granollers, and Jernemyr (m.13), Noddesbo (m.45) and Rutenka (m.48) for FC Barcelona.

Parcials every five minutes: 2-3, 3-7, 6-9, 10-12, 11-15, 12-17 (halftime). (final). 13-20, 17-22, 18-26, 20-38, 20-30 i 24-33 (final).

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