After the international break Barça burst back onto the Liga scene with a show of force against Antequera. Serious and ambitious in today’s match, the Barça side brilliantly finished off the tough away game against Antequera - who are fighting to stay out of the relegation zone - early on in the first half. The team led Antequera by eight goals at the half, and finished off the match with the same advantage, despite the home side’s instance in the second half. The leader of the league started off the final stretch of the Liga in superb fashion.

Concentrated on the task at hand

Barça Intersport only needed four minutes to take the lead (2-3). From that point on Barça were relentless. The reigning champions of the Liga started off the match completely focused on taking the victory, just as their manager had asked them the day before. They were on target on offence, imposing an almost impossible pace for the other team to follow (3-6, min 7). Furthermore, their defence was also spot on as it proved to be a great launching pad for lighting-quick counterattacks. The home team manager, Antonio Ortiz, was forced to call timeout on 10 minutes, when Barça had opened up a devastating lead (4-9).

Good passing play

Despite missing Ugalde, Rocas and Sarmiento, Barça’s offensive play was fluid and inclusive. The substitutions were working. At the back, Saric was putting in a glorious performance. Barça’s pressure was drowning out Antequera, who found themselves farther and farther behind ( 5-13, min 21). However, the home team’s pride, exemplified through Óscar Río, was enough to hide what was happening on the court at halftime (10-18). Up until then, Barça’s attackers Juanín and Tomás were the highest goal scorers of the match, with five apiece.

Andalusian reaction

The second half didn’t change from the first too much. Despite excellent saves from the veteran keeper Moya, who kept the fans cheering, Barça Intersport didn’t let off in their relentless pursuit of victory (15-24, min 40). It’s worth nothing that Antequera wasn’t giving up easily. In fact, they went on a 3-0 run halfway through the second half (20-27). The worst part of the match for the Catalans was when they were down a man and their rivals came within five goals of drawing level (24-29). However, between Juanín and Entrerríos, Barça weathered the storm and won the points which allow them to stay atop of the table.



Maygar Antequera: Mijatovic, Soto (3), Espigol, (4) Radulovic (6), Bustos (3), Morales (1) and Rio (5) –starting team- Ugarte (2), Belza (1), Moyano and Fuentes (1).

FCB Intersport: Saric, Noddesbo (5), Juanín (8), Tomàs (6), Nagy (3), Jernemyr, Viran Morros –starting team- Entrerrios (4), Sorhaindo, Mikel (2), Rutenka (4), Oneto and Igropulo (2).

Referees: García Mosquera i Rios Martín.

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