A long journey awaits FCB Intersport. Photo: Arxiu-FCB

Having two aways games the same week, one in Vigo the other in Sarajevo, prompted the coaching staff and players of FC Barcelona Intersports to make the decision to not return to Barcelona after their away game in Vigo, but go directly to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Barça squad will fly directly to Sarajevo from the Gallegan city.

A real ‘tour’

Barça Intersport, after training, will depart Barcelona on Tuesday afternoon and make their way to Vigo. The Azulgranas will play their 10th match day on Wednesday, at 20:30 h, against Academia Octavio.

The Barça squad will remain in Vigo after the game and train on Thursday morning. From Vigo, on Friday morning, the team will fly to Saravajo, where they will train that afternoon on Bosna Sarajevo’s court. Bosna Sarajevo is Barça’s next rival in the Velux EHF Champions League.

On Saturday, after playing against Bosna Sarajevo at 19 h, Barça Intersport will return to Barcelona.

4,520 km of travel

The FC Barcelona Intersports men will travel a total of 4,520 km this week. The distance from Barcelona to Vigo is 907 km. From Vigo to Sarajevo it’s 2,260 km.

Barça Intersport will make up the the final 1,353 km when they return from Sarajevo to Barcelona.

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