Jesper Noddesbo scored the 10,000 goal of this season's Asobal League / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

FC Barcelona Intersport is the undefeated leader of the Asobal League after 23 matches. To this perfect record we have to add other accomplishments, like the 10,000th League goal scored this season which was scored by Jesper Noddesbo against BM Huesca.

Noddoesbo enters the history books

The Danish FC Barcelona Intersport player, Noddesbo, scored the Asobal League’s 10,000th goal. Noddesbo netted from the 6 meter sport in the 18th minutes of the first half in the game against Huesca this week.

Noddesbo’s goal made it 9 to 7 and being the 16th goal of the game, it also meant that it was the League’s 10,000th.

Noddesbo was signed by FC Barcelona in the 2007/08 season. Since then the pivot has become a leader for the team both on offence and defence.

A record team

On February 22nd, against BM Guadalajara at the Palau, FC Barcelona Intersport played their 5,000th match in the Asobal League - which was created in 1990.

In fact, Barça have played in more Asobal League matched than any other team, 649, and have won the most games, 558.

The Azulgranas have also won the most titles, 10, and the team that have won by the biggest goal difference. In the 1999/00 season, Barça beat Valencia Airtel by 46 to 18. This +28 difference continues to be a record in the Spanish national competition.

Another record within grasp

FC Barcelona have scored 19,925 goals in 22 seasons. Barça are close to scoring their 20,000th goal in the League. If they manage to do it, they’d be the first team in Spanish history to accomplish this historical feat.

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