The Liga Asobal


Barça’s handball team are never tired when it comes to making history and Xavi Pascual’s men did just that when they conquered the Liga Asobal. They did it in spectacular fashion as they finished the season undefeated, winning all 30 of their league games in their bid to secure the title. It was a record year for the Club and a never-before-seen feat at Can Barça, the only other team to go undefeated for an entire season is BM Granollers (2009/10).

Complete dominance

The trophy haul and the break for the European championships didn’t get in Barça’s perfect league run. From the first moment, Barça were firm and devastating, and it only took them six Match Days to secure the top spot for themselves along. Now in the driver’s seat, Pascual’s men hit cruise control and never let up. Their attack was unrivaled and their defence was impenetrable. They closed out the first half of the season with a comfortable victory over Naturhouse La Rioja.

On Match Day 24, Barça had their first chance to win the title, but despite the win, Logroño’s victory meant that Barça would have to wait at least another week to celebrate. Seven days later, Barça celebrated the title after defeating BM Aragón. In addition, the 48 goals scored against BM Aragón was the highest goal tally for the team all season. The final game of the season was against Naturhouse La Rioja, and the victory meant that Barça had won 30 from 30 matches played.

Championship stats

FC Barcelona not only finished the season undefeated, but they broke a bunch of records along the way. As far as goalscoring goes, Barça netted 1,146 goals, 99 more than the all time record set by Atlético Madrid. The highest goalscorer was Kiril Lazarov, who scored 131 goals from 30 appearances. The team conceded a total of 709 goals.