The Barça players celebrate their titles

The Barça players celebrate their titles / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA

El FC Barcelona d'handbol, campeón de la Liga Asobal 2013/14

FC Barcelona’s handball team secured an outrageous amount of titles this season. The frist was secured early on in the season. On August 30 of 2013, FC Barcelona defeated HSV Hamburg by 27 to 25 and won for the first time in Club history the Clubs World Cup, the title also known as the Super Globe. It was a rematch from the 2012/13 Champions League final. Barça exacted revenge on the German side and won the trophy.

A week after securing the Super Globe, Barça won the Asobal Supercup. Naturhouse La Rioja was Barça’s rival and the blaugrana defeated them in a match hosted in Valladolid (40 to 31).

The third title was won a little before Christmas, the Asobal Cup. In a Final Four format competition held at the Palau, Barça defeated BM Huesca in the semifinals, and BM Granollers in the final.

La Liga title was a reward to the team’s consistency. The men managed by Pascual put in a perfect performance in the competition, with 30 wins from 30 games played, which saw them secure the title on Match Day 25, in a match played at the Palau.

The fifth title was the Cup, hosted in Pamplona, which was secured on the first weekend of May. The hosts Anaitasuna were Barça’s rival in the semifinals (28 to 36), and BM Granollers awaited the blaugrana in the final. Barça went on to defeat Granollers by 42 to 32.

In the Champions League, after dominating the first phase of the competition, Barça defeated Aalborg in the knock-out round. The seven-goal defeat away to Rhein Neckar Löwen in the quarterfinals meant that Barça had to fightback at the Palau. The men managed by Pascual surged to victory in spectacular fashion to beat the Germans 31 to 24.

In Cologne, Barça’s hopes of progressing were struck down. The semifinal match seemed won by a goal in the final second from Flensburg tied things up at 32 apiece. Overtime came to an end with 36 to 36 on the scoreboard, it was time for penalties. The Germans were perfect from the spot and one Barça error from the seven-meter mark left the blaugrana out of the competition.