10 Bateria

Dione Alex Veroneze


Bateria was already a winner with Inter Movistar before arriving at the Club in 2014

Born in Palmitos (Santa Catarina, Brazil) on September 16, 1990, 'Bateria' turned pro with Krona Joinville in 2010/11, then a year later he moved to Inter Movistar in Spain.

In three seasons with Inter, he won one league (2013/14), one Spanish Cup (2014) and one Spanish Super Cup (2011), scoring 81 goals and being named player of the season in 2013/14. His progression has been constant, as he has progressed from 21 goals in his first year, to 29 the year after and 31 in his third season.

Bateria was one of three key signings for FC Barcelona in the summer of 2014/15 along with Rafa Usin and Ferrao.

In 2013, he was rewarded with his first international cap for Brazil and since then he has become a vital part of hte national team.

His name, which translates as ‘battery’, comes from his father, who owned a car battery store in his native Palmitos.

Technical profile

“Bateria” is the kind of player who can be relied on to deliver plenty of goals in a season, even though he is not a natural frontman. He is a left-footed winger that is also improving fast in defensive aspects of his game. He is quick and decisive, which makes him lethal whenever the opposing goal comes within his sights.


With FCB
Titles Amount Seasons
Catalunya Cup 3 2014/15 - 2015/16 - 2016/17
With national team
Titles Amount Seasons
Grand Prix 1 2013
U21 Copa América 1 2007
Titles Amount Seasons
Spanish Super Cup 1 2011/12
Spanish League 1 2013/14
Spanish Cup 1 2013/14