An important win for FC Barcelona futsal away from home at O Parrulo Ferrol. The three points mean Andreu Plaza’s team are on twenty in the LNFS following their 5-2 win in Galicia. The victory was by no mean an easy one with the home side taking the lead early on. However, persistence and patience and goals from Ferrao, Sergio Lozano, Boyis and two from Dyego handed the blaugranes the win. On Saturday they have the chance to go top of the table when they face Palma in their next encounter in the league.


O Parrulo Ferrol, 2
Barça Lassa, 5

O Parrulo Ferrol:
Illi, Isma, Attos, Adri, Rubi López –starting five- Diego Núñez, Jesulito, Rubi Lemos, Chano, Rober.

Barça: Juanjo, Aicardo, Dyego, Adolfo, Esquerdinha –starting five- Sergio Lozano, Ferrao, Arthur, Léo Santana, Boyis, Joselito.

Goals: 1-0, Rubi Lemos (min 3). 1-1, Dyego (min 12). 1-2, Ferrao (min 15). 1-3, Sergio Lozano (min 15). 1-4, Boyis (min 29). 2-4, Chano (min 36). 2-5, Dyego (min 38).

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