An excellent performance from Andreu Plaza’s side gave them an 8-3 away win at Ríos Renovables, a victory that allows the blaugranes back on track after last week’s disappointing 3-2 defeat right at the death against ElPozo Murcia. Against the side from Zaragoza Esquerdinha, Dyego and Léo Santana all scored twice, with Rivillos and Joao adding the others to give Barça Lassa their sixth win in seven matches in the league.

The game was decided before half time with the blaugranes 0-3 up after just 11 minutes thanks to a brace from Esquerdinha and a strike from Rivillos. Another two came before the break to give Barça a healthy 0-5 advantage.

Joao added another at the start of the second half before the home side raised faint hopes by pulling two goals back. Nevertheless, a second goal from Léo Santana and a penalty from Dyego rounded off the win for Barça Lassa in Zaragoza. 


Ríos Renovables, 3
FC Barcelona Lassa, 8

Ríos Renovables:
Iván, Retamar, Adri Ortego, Richi Felipe, Nano –starting five- Carlos García, Anás, Óscar Villanueva, Trasobares, Thiago Cabeça.

Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Joao Batista, Leo Santana, Dyego, Esquerdinha –starting five- Rafa López, Rivillos, Adolfo, Joselito, Roger Serrano and Xavi Cols.

Goals: 0-1, Esquerdinha (min 3). 0-2, Rivillos (min 6). 0-3, Esquerdinha (min 11). 0-4, Dyego (min 11). 0-5, Léo Santana (min 14). 0-5, Joao (min 25). 1-6, Thiago Cabeça (min 29). 2-6, Adri Ortego (min 30). 2-7, Léo Santana (min 33). 3-7, Nano Modrego (min 38). 3-8, Dyego (min 39).

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