Esquerdinha and Tolrà, two of the goalscorers at the Palau | VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Barça Lassa secure a comprehensive win at the Palau Blaugrana against Segovia (8-1), following goals from Esquerdinha (2), Dyego, Marc Tolrà, Ferrao, Joselito, Aicardo and Rivillos. A great first half gave the blaugranas their fifth victory of the season meaning Andreu Plaza’s team have 15 points from a possible fifteen.

The LNFS leaders were looking to secure the three points from the off and they managed to do exactly that. Andreu Plaza’s side took the lead after three minutes through Dyego’s individual move on the left.

Ten-minute blitz

The blaugranas attacking display stepped up when Esquerdinha scored a fantastic volley past the beaten Cidao in the sixth minute. Only a minute later, Marc Tolrà, scored from an impressive Rivillos assist (3-0, min. 7). Ferrao, added another on the turn and Barça were 4-0 up within ten minutes.

However, the opposition didn’t give up and Javi Alonso got one back for them five minutes later. Joselito responded well to make it 5-1 with a low and well-placed shot just before the break.

The second half started differently from the first with Barça having lots of efforts on goal but not managing to score. Eight minutes into the second half, Segovia attempted the sweeper keeper tactic with Carlos Muñoz but the blaugrana defence was up to the task and Sedano impressed in goal. Andreu Plaza’s team added another when Joselito recovered the ball well and gave the ball to Aicardo who finished with ease to make it 6-1 with 29 minutes gone.

Rivillos and Esquerdinha wrap up win

When it looked like that might be it for the night, Rivillos scored and then created two goals. Barça’s number ‘10’ finished well to make it 7-1 for his first goal at the Palau and then he assisted Esquerdinha for his second of the night and Barça’s eighth in the final minute. Barça Lassa’s big win leaves them top of the league before they face their first Champions League assignment next week.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 8
Naturpellet Segovia, 1

FC Barcelona Lassa: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Joselito, Dyego and Ferrao –starting five–. Esquerdinha, Rafa López, Marc Tolrà, Adolfo, Roger and Rivillos.
Naturpellet Segovia: Cidao, Carlos Muñoz, Álex Fuentes, Javi Alonso and Sergio –starting five–. Edu, Rodrigo, Álvaro López, Juanfran and Buitre.
Goals: 1-0, Dyego (min. 3); 2-0, Esquerdinha (min. 6); 3-0, Marc Tolrà (min. 7); 4-0, Ferrao (min. 10); 4-1, Javi Alonso (min. 15); 5-1, Joselito (min.15); 6-1, Aicardo (min. 29), 7-1, Rivillos (min. 40) and 8-1, Esquerdina (min. 40).
Referees: Felipe Madorrán and Urdanoz Apezteguia, cautioned Marc Tolrà  and the away side's Alonso, Álvaro López and Juanfran.

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