Tolrà celebrates with Joao and Ferrao after one of the six goals at the Palau. | VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Andreu Plaza’s team totally dominated Ribera Navarra and continue as League leaders FC Barcelona Lassa took the honours in a game which they dominated from start to finish and in which their opponents were overwhelmed by Barça's superiority. Ferrao, Plana (OG), Santana (2), Adolfo and Rafa López were on target for the hosts. 

The game started with constant home pressure and after only three minutes, Ferrao opened the scoring. Both Rivillos and Adolfo would go close early on, but it would take an own goal from Ferran Plana when trying to clear a corner, to increase Barça’s lead (2-0 min 10).

Despite the slowness of the Navarrese, which the hosts appeared more than capable of dealing with, Rubi was able to reduce the deficit. That only served to see Barça Lassa move up another gear, Santana scoring twice in two minutes after the break to swing the game back in Barça’s favour once more.

Visiting goalkeeper, Cuxart, was sent off for a second bookable offence, and his replacement, Gus, had hardly been on the pitch before Adolfo made it five (min 33). Rafa López would increase the lead further near the end of the game when he received a pass at the death from Adolfo (min 39).

Fitxa tècnica

FC Barcelona Lassa, 6
Ribera Navarra, 1

FC Barcelona Lassa: Joao, Dyego, Rivillos, Ferrao i Sedano –cinc inicial–, Santana, Lozano, Adolfo, Joselito, Tolrà i Rafa López.

Ribera Navarra: Hamza, Rubi, Ferran Plana, Cuxart i Sergio –cinc inicial–, David, Mínguez, Lucas, Sepe i Pedro.

Gols: 1-0, Ferrao (min 3), 2-0, Ferran Plana, pp (min 10) 2-1, Rubi (min 20), 3-0, Santana (min 28), 4-1, Santana (min 29), 5-1, Adolfo (min 33), 6-1, Rafa López (min 39).

Àrbitres: Juan Cerdá i Martinez Garcia. Han amonestat amb targeta groga els locals Dyego (min 12) i Adolfo (min 20) i els visitants Pedro (min 4), i han expulsat per doble targeta groga Sergi Cuxart (min 30 i min 34).

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