Tolrà scored in the 18th minute to put Barça up 3–0. | ADAMO DI LORETO

FC Barcelona Lassa cruised to a 6–0 victory over Zvv ‘t Knooppunt in the Group A opener of the UEFA Futsal Cup Elite Round in Pescara, Italy.

Barça got two goals from Aicardo and one each from Léo Santana, Ferrao, Tolrà and Joselito. As the final score reflected, the Catalans dominated on attack from start to finish.

Santana put Barça up, 1–0, in the 10th minute. In the 18th, Ferrao and Tolrà both found the net for Barça’s second and third goals.

Aicardo scored back-to-back goals in the 29th and 35th to break the game open, and Joselito put on the finishing touch with a strike in the 40th.

Barça’s next game in Group A of the Elite Round comes this Thursday against Serbian club, Ekonomac.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 6
Zvv ‘t Knooppunt, 0

Barça: Juanjo; Aicardo, Léo Santana, Dyego, Ferrao –starting five– Tolrà, Joao Batista, Rivillos, Joselito, Adolfo, Rafa López, Xavi Cols.

Knooppunt: van Maasbommel; Ceyar, De Groot, Bouzit, El Ghannouti –starting five– Adil Zouthane, Oulad Ben Youssef, El Adel, Ouaddouh.

Goals: 1-0, Léo Santana (min 10). 2-0, Ferrao (min 18). 3-0, Tolrà (min 18). 4-0, Aicardo (min 29). 5-0, Aicardo (min 35). 6-0, Joselito (min 40).

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