Barça Lassa fell to a shattering defeat (5-2) despite having 54 shots on goal throughout the game. The hosts already held an advantage before Esquerdinha and Xavi Cols - his first for the first team - put the visitors on the score board.

Superiority but no goals

The Blaugranes went on the offensive from the first minute with Joao, Esquerdinha, Dyego, Tolrà, Joselito, Rivillos and Xavi Cols all going close. Andreu Plaza’s side kept up consistent pressure and at the end of the first half, Dyego even had a double penalty saved by Cartegena goalkeeper, Raúl. Thirty four shots in the first 20 minutes - all kept out by Raúl.

Barça created many defensive problems for the hosts, but Cartegena would score twice when the visitors were coming on strong. Drahovsky’s double was unexpected because to that point, Barça keeper, Juanjo, only had to make two saves.

Barça reaction

The hosts managed to keep resisting Barça’s incessant attacks, even going further ahead after a swift counter. Tiredness caused by the Copa del Rey tie against Movistar Inter appeared to be to blame and though Esquerdinha gave the visitors hope with four minutes to play, Cartegena would grab two more before Cols’ last minute effort rounded off the scoring.

Match Details:

Cartagena, 5
Barça Lassa, 2

Cartagena: Raúl, Jesús, Juanpi, Drahovsky and Ique −starters−, Rahali, Attos, Casas and José Carlos.
Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Tolrà, Joao, Dyego and Esquerdinha −starters−, Rivillos, Santana, Joselito and Xavi Cols. 

Goals: 1-0, Drahovsky (min 15); 2-0, Drahovsky (min 21); 3-0, Drahovsky (min 33); 3-1, Esquerdinha, (min 36); 4-1, Rahali (min 37); 5-1, Juanpi (min 39); 5-2, Xavi Cols (min 40).

Officials: Gómez Garcia and Moreno Durán. Yellow cards for Jesús and Tolrà.

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