Barça Lassa have been eliminated from the Spanish Cup in the quarterfinals after drawing 1-1 and losing on penalties (1-3) to Ríos Renovables Zaragoza. The great performance from young goalkeeper, Adrián, both in the game and in the penalty shootout, was key to counteracting Barça's dominance throughout.

Pressure without a prize

The entire first half saw Barça clearly dominating the possession of the ball and creating chances, but without scoring. Ferrao, Rivillos and Leo Santana were unlucky on several occasions.

Ríos Renovables, against the run of play, took advantage of a counterattack to score through Adri Ortego (minute 17). The goal, however, didn’t change the dynamics of the game, but consistent pressure from Barça still didn’t translate into a goal or two before the break.

The expected draw arrives

With no change to the pattern in the second half, Barça generated countless chances in attack but again without success. Eventually, the Blaugrana finally got their reward and Ferrao, assisted by Joselito, scored to tie the match (1-1, minute 28).

With that goal things became more equal, but neither side was able to add to the score. The game ended 1-1 with penalties therefore needed to decided the outcome.

Penalty failure

Nano, Thiago Cabeça and Anás scored for Ríos Renovables, and though Aicardo scored Barça’s first, Rivillos was unable to score his after another great save from Adrián. It meant that Zaragoza qualified to the semifinals, knocking the culés out of the competition.

Match details

Barça Lassa, 1 (1)
Ríos Renovables Zaragoza, 1 (3)

Barça Lassa: Paco Sedano, Marc Tolrá, Joao, Dyego and Ferrao -starters-, Rivillos, Esquerdinha, Aicardo, Leo Santana, Roger, Adolfo and Joselito.
Ríos Renovables Zaragoza: Adrián Pereira, Retamar, Adri Ortego, Víctor Tejel and Nano Modrego -starters-, Thiago Cabeça, Villanueva, Richi Felipe, Carlos García and Anás.
Goals: 0-1, Adri Ortego (min. 17); 1-1, Ferrao (min. 28). Penalties: 0-1, Nano Modrego: goal. 1-1, Aicardo: goal. 1-2, Thiago Cabeça: goal. 1-2, Rivillos: miss. 1-3, Anás: goal.
Officials: Cordero Gallardo and Linares López. Yellow card for Adri Ortego.

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