Esquerdinha with four goals, Ferrao and Rivillos with three each, were Barça Lassa’s main protagonists in a match that had a record attendance for this season at the Palau; 4,427 spectators.

Once the game started the first goal was not long in coming, Ferrao scoring in the second minute. Adrián Ortego tied the scores in the fifth minute but that was the visitors only moment of joy on the night. Four minutes later, Ferrao added a spectacular second and by half time, Rivillos had added a double of his own to put the hosts firmly in control.

Second half, same story

The second half started just like the first had: a far superior Barça were a constant danger to Zaragoza. Esquerdinha top scored with four, whilst Ferrao and Rivillos added one each for a pair of hat-tricks. Adolfo rounded off the scoring towards the end, an 11-1 victory not flattering the Blaugrana.

Match details

Barça Lassa, 11

Ríos Renovables Zaragoza, 1

Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Léo Santana, Joao, Dyego and Ferrao –starters- Sahuqillo, Tolrà, Adolfo, Rivillos, Joselito, Xavi Cols and Esquerdinha.
Ríos Renovables Zaragoza: Adrián, Adri Ortego, Victor Tejel, Nano Modrego and Tiago Cabeça –starters- Anás, Jorge, Richi Felipe and Carlos García.
Goals: 1-0 Ferrao (min 2);1-1 Adri Ortego (min 5); 2-1 Ferrao (min 9); 3-1 Rivillos (min 17); 4-1 Rivillos (min 20); 5-1 Esquerdinha (min 21); 6-1 Ferrao (min 25), 7-1 Esquerdinha (min 29); 8-1 Rivillos (min 33); 9-1 Esquerdinha (min 36); 10-1 Esquerdinha (min 37); 11-1 Adolfo (min 40).
Officials: Cordero Gallardo and Linares López. Yellow cards for Rivillos, Joselito, Nano Modrego and Víctor Tejel.

Incidents: At the beginning of the game, a minute of silence was held in memory of the Policeman who died last Thursday in Bilbao.

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