FC Barcelona Lassa ended the first phase of the UEFA Futsal Cup in Italy with a draw against the host country’s top side Luparense. Goals from Esquerdinha (2) and one from Joselito gave Andreu Plaza’s team a point and topping the group means that Barça will be seeded in the next phase of the competition.

Barça Lassa took the game to the Italians in the first half but it was not until the 11th minute that Esquerdinha gave them the lead after a good cross from Rivillos. Luparense barely managed a shot at goal for most of the half but then came to life when Taborda equalised after 18 minutes. The Italians then took the lead only for Esquerdinha to level things up before Rafinha gave the home side a 3-2 lead at the break.

In the second half Barça dominated as they searched for the equaliser and it finally came in the 47th minute, Joselito making it 3-3. No more goals and an honourable draw for the blaugranes mean they top their group and will be seed for the elite round of the UEFA Futsal Cup. 

Fitxa técnica

FC Barcelona Lassa, 3

Luparense, 3

FC Barcelona Lassa: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Leo Santana, Dyego, Ferrao  -cinc inicial-  Juanjo, Marc Tolrà, Joao, Adolfo, Rivillos, Joselito, Rafael López i Esquerdinha.

Luparense: Miareli, Honorio, De Souza, Taborda, Jefferson -cinc inicial- Leofreddi, Etilendi, Drago, Ardite, Lara, Cortés, Betao i Moufaddal.

Gols: 1-0 ,Esquerdinha (min 13); 1-1, Taborda (min 18); -2, Ramon (min 23); 2-2, Esquerdinha (min 24); 2-3, Rafinha (min 25); 3-3, Joselito (min 47).

Árbitre: Ruben Guerreiro

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