Thanks to the goals of Esquerdinha (2), Joselito (2) and Ferrao, Andreu Plaza's Barça Lassa side began their league campaign with a comprehensive victory (0-5) in Tudela against Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra.

The game started frantically with chances at both ends, Esquerdinha settling things down with his first after five minutes. A goal to the good, Barça Lassa could relax and they began to dominate. Ferrao, Esquerdinha, Sergio Lozano and Adolfo had the clearest opportunities to increase the lead, but the scoreboard didn’t move before the break.

Despite an almost constant bombardment, the hosts held firm until the 34th minute when Ferrao took advantage of Gus's parried save from Dyego's shot. At 0-2, there was now daylight between the two sides.

Nevertheless, it would take until four minutes from the end before Barça Lassa could truly feel comfortable, Esquerdinha punishing the home side's decision to make a goalkeeping change. In the last minute of the match, a double from Joselito – against his old side – ensured a 0-5 final score and the first three points of the season. Barça Lassa will play their next match against Palma, at the Palau Blaugrana on September 22, 9.15pm CET.


Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra, 0
FC Barcelona Lassa, 5

Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra: Gus, David, Rubi, J. Mínguez and Sepe –starting five–. Ferran Plana, Hamza, Iago Rodríguez, Lucas, Sergio G. and Pedro.
FC Barcelona Lassa: Juanjo, Joao, Leo Santana, Dyego i Ferrao –starting five–. Tolrà, Lozano, Rivillos, Adolfo, Joselito and Esquerdinha.
Goals: 0-1, Esquerdinha (min. 5); 0-2, Ferrao (min. 34); 0-3, Esquerdina (min. 37); 0-4, Joselito (min. 40) and 0-5, Joselito (min. 40).

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