Esquerdinha, Joselito and Rivillos starred in today's game | FCB

FC Barcelona Lassa have won 7-0 at Valdepeñas in a game to honour Joan Linares, one of the greatest players in the history of the league and who is retiring at the age of 42.

He was at FCB early in his career between 1993 and 1995.

This was the fifth and final preseason fixture for the blaugrana, and ensured they go into their official programme unbeaten, with three wins and two draws.

Adolfo, Joselito (hat-trick), Rivillos (his first goal for the club) and a brace from Esquerdinha were the sources of today’s scoring.


Valdepeñas: Mendiola, Mimi, Joan Linares, Pedraza, Zamo, -starting five- Coro, Iván Quintín, Juanan, Jota, Kike, Dani Santos, Manu García, Caio Alves & Peloncha.

FC Barcelona Lassa: Juanjo, Tolrà, Roger, Rivillos, Adolfo –starting five- Léo Santana, Joao Batista, Joselito, Esquerdinha, Rafa López & Aicardo.

Goals: 0-1, Adolfo (min.7); 0-2, Joselito (min.19); 0-3, Rivillos (min.24); 0-4, Joselito (min.27); 0-5, Joselito(min.33); 0-6, Esquerdinha (min.36); 0-7, Esquerdinha (min.38)

Venue: Ciudad Deportiva Virgen de la Cabeza

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