FC Barcelona Lassa are through to the semi-finals of the LNFS playoffs by the fast route after winning game two of the best-of-three quarter final series against Ríos Renovables Zaragoza by the same score as in the first game, 4-1.

Adolfo, Rivillos, Ferrao and Lozano scored the goals in a game that was preceded by the players parading the recently conquered Copa del Rey before the fans.

The Catalans will now play Palma or ElPozo Múrcia for a place in the final.


Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Aicardo, Dyego, Joselito, Ferrao, Rivillos, Joao, Esquerdinha, Adolfo, Lozano, Joselito.

Zaragoza: Iván Bernad, Retamar, Adri Ortego, Víctor Tejel, Thiago Cabeça, Nano Modrego, Óscar Villanueva, Anás, Richi Felipe, Jorge Tabuenca

Goals: 1-0, Adolfo (min 12). 2-0, Rivillos (min 20). 2-1, Adri Ortego (min 28). 3-1, Ferrao (min 35). 4-1, Lozano (min 40).

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