The team gather to celebrate progress to the Final Four | Adamo di Loreto

FC Barcelona Lassa needed a draw on Saturday against group hosts Pescara to confirm passage to the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup and they did even better than that.

The 3-0 win means a perfect nine points from the Elite Round with two goals from Dyego and a third from Rafa López – a result that reflects the Catalan dominance on the court.

Brescia’s goal for the Italians a minute before the final whistle served as mere consolation for the home fans, for it will be Barça who’ll be going to the showpiece event of European futsal for the fifth time in club history.

They will be joined at the Final Four by Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) and Győri ETO (Hungary) as well as the winner of Sunday’s game between Kairat Almaty (Kazakhstan) and fellow Spanish Liga team Inter FS.


Barça: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Léo Santana, Dyego, Ferrao –starting five- Marc Tolrà, Joao, Adolfo, Rivillos, Joselito & Rafa López.

Pescara: Pietrangelo, Caputo, Rescia, Rosa, Cuzzolino –starting five- Ercolessi, Salas, Borruto & Saad.

Goals: 1-0, Dyego (min 22). 2-0, Rafa López (min 22). 3-0, Dyego (min 39). 3-1, Brescia (min 39).

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