Barça win against ElPozo (3-2)

Barça win against ElPozo (3-2) | MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Barça Lassa have the advantage in the semifinals after overcoming ElPozo Murcia (3-2). Driven on by the Palau, Andreu Plaza's team played a complete match, both in offensive and defensive areas. Ferrao (2) and Esquerdinha were the scorers in an intense game.

Deadlock broken

Even before kick-off the Palau were already in full voice, and their enthusiasm transmitted to the players. When Esquerdinha broke the deadlock, the noise ramped up by another few decibels. With the bit between their teeth, Barça continued to attack, and Ferrao doubled the lead with a header. The songs didn’t stop even after Drasler had got the visitors back in the game.

Before half time, another two goals were added, one for Barça Lassa and another for ElPozo Murcia. Ferrao, who had just hit the post, scored his second to make it 3-2, whilst at the other end, Paco Sedano, was inspired in goal.


Sergio Lozano played a superb match, and his endeavours helped calm a frenetic ElPozo. Despite incessant late pressure, the hosts dug in for the win. The referee's final whistle brought the first point for Barça Lassa in the semifinals of the League play-off, with the next semifinal on Tuesday, May 29 (9.15pm CEST) at ElPozo.


Barça Lassa, 3
ElPozo Múrcia, 2

Barça Lassa: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Dyego, Joselito and Ferrao –starters- Lozano, Esquerdinha, Rivillos, Adolfo, Leo Santana, Joao.
ElPozo Múrcia: Fede, Xuxa, Fernadao, Fernandao Drasler and Álex-starters- Paniagua, Darío, Pito, Matteus, Marinovic.

Goals: 1-0, Esquerdinha (min 5); 2-0, Ferrao (min 8); 2-1, Drasler (min 9); 2-2, Marinovic (min 15); 3-2, Ferrao (doble penal) (min 15).

Officials: Felipe Madorrán and Urdanoz Apezteguia. Yellow cards for Rivillos and Álex (min 8), Joselito and Matteus (min 15), Xuxa (min 34).

Attendance: 2,659 espectadors.

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