Levante never really had a chance. Barça Lassa were on clinical form on Friday night and rammed five goals past their hosts, one each for Rómulo, Ferrao, Joselito, Tolrà and Adolfo in a massive boost for their confidence ahead of two tricky fixtures against Palma Futsal and Movistar Inter.

It was also fine revenge for the Catalans as they claimed a victory on the very same court where they were knocked out of the Copa del Rey just a couple of weeks before.

For coach Andreu Plaza it was the perfect reaction to the defeat at home to ElPozo Murcia and means his side are now provisional leaders pending the outcome of Inter Movistar’s game on Saturday.

Match stats

Levante, 1

Barça Lassa, 5

Levante: Yeray, Cecilio, Lucho, Sena & Tripodi – starting five – Serra, Márquez, Kiko, Oviaño, Buendía & Pizarro.

FCB Lassa: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Rómulo, Adolfo & Ferrao – starting five – Tolrà, Dyego, Joselito & Quintela.

Goals: 0-1, Rómulo (3’); 0-2, Ferrao (9’); 1-2, Márquez (13’); 1-3, Joselito (15’); 1-4, Marc Tolrà (17’); 1-5, Adolfo (25’)

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