The first-day defeat at Peníscola has been put well behind the Barça Lassa futsal side, who cruised to a staggering 11-2 win at bottom-of-the-table Jumilla on Saturday. Coach Andreu Plaza can only be pleased with the extraordinary intensity that his players put into the game from the moment that the ball started rolling, and after mere moments it was already apparent that the home side from Murcia were in for a very difficult evening indeed.

The goals just flowed and flowed and the game was just 12 minutes old when Adolfo was already celebrating a hat-trick, while his team had notched up six in total. Ferrao would also find the net three times in a game that was only ever going to have one winner.

Things are clearly started to click very nicely indeed among the team, who after the unexpected opening day defeat have now edged their way up to fourth place in the table.

Match stats

Jumilla, 3
FC Barcelona Lassa, 11
Jumilla: Rafael Luque, Lineker Ricardo, Javier Bargueño, Everton Luiz, Raúl Gómez –starting five–Poti, Bolívar & Lucas.
FC Barcelona Lassa:  Juanjo, Aicardo, Roger, Adolfo, Joselito –starting five–, Dyego, Ferrao, Rómulo & Tolrá.
Goals: 0-1, Adolfo (min 3); 0-2, Adolfo (min 4); 0-3, Rómulo (min 5); 0-4, Ferrao (min 5); 1-4, Lineker (min 7); 1-5, Dyego (min 11); 1-6, Adolfo (min 12); 2-6, Poti (min 15); 2-7, Ferrao (min 20); 2-8, Ferrao (min 23); 2-9 Dyego (min 32); 3-9, Lucas (min 36); 3-10 Adolfo (min 39) i 3-11 Joselito (min 40).

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