FC Barcelona Lassa have lost 4-3 at the Sabroleja to a Jaén side that sprang back from nowhere in a manic finale to a gripping match.

Incredibly, Barça were leading 3-1 with just five minutes to go, but the home side made their numerical superiority show after FCB’s Sergio Lozano had been sent off.

Jaen pulled level, and Barça (knowing that a draw wouldn’t be enough to keep their destiny in their hands as far as second place in the regular season table is concerned) decided it was time to take risks and ended up paying the price by conceding a fourth and definitive goal.

Barça will now have to wait and see how ElPozo get on this Saturday before they know whether they’ll finish second or third in the table and therefore know who they’ll meet in the playoffs.


Jaén Paraíso Interior, 4
FC Barcelona Lassa, 3

Jaén Paraíso Interior: Dídac, Boyis, Mauricio, Mauricinho & Chino -starting five-. Fabián, Javi Alonso, Campoy, Solano

FC Barcelona Lassa: Juanjo, Marc Tolrà, Roger, Joselito & Adolfo -starting five-. Aicardo, Dyego, Sergio Lozano, Batería, Rafa López & Ferrao.
Goals: 1-0, Boyis (minut 3); 1-1, Ferrao (minut 15); 1-2, Ferrao (minut 31); 1-3, Dyego (minut 34); 2-3, Solano (minut 35), 3-3, Dani Martín (minut 37) i 4-3, Solano (minut 40).

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