Barça Lassa’s winning streak of ten games in the league came to an end on Saturday as Andreu Plaza’s side also lost top spot in the league standings following a draw at Gran Canaria.

It was a cruel end to a gripping match in which the Catalans had been in command all the way and led 6-3 just three minutes from the end thanks to a hat-trick from Ferrao, a brace from Roger Serrano and another from Dyego. But the islanders produced a stunning late comeback to snatch three goals and in doing so relagte Barça to second place behind new top guns Movistar Inter.


Gran Canaria FS, 6
Barça Lassa, 6

Gran Canaria: Gus, Anás, Pepe, Pablo Salado, Bingyoba –starting five-, Saúl, Juan Puertas, Pichi, Juanillo.
Barça Lassa: Paco Sedano, Tolrà, Dyego, Adolfo, Ferrao –starting five-, Batista, Roger Serrano, X.Cols, Sergio G., Joselito.

Goals: 0-1 Ferrao, min 1; 1-1 Juanillo, min 10; 1-2 Ferrao, min 17; 2-2 Pablo Salado, min 18; 2-3 Ferrao, min 21; 2-4 Dyego, min 25; 3-4 Juanillo, min 30; 3-5 Roger, min 35; 3-6 Roger, min 36; 4-6 Saúl, min 38; 5-6 Juanillo, min 39; 6-6 Anás, min 40.

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