FC Barcelona Lassa treated their fans to a goalfest at the Palau Blaugrana on Tuesday night as they cruised to a 7-1 win over Santiago Futsal.

It certainly did not seem as though it would be such a rosy encounter when Catela put the visitors ahead after just two minutes gone.

But Barça managed to responded some ten minutes later when Dyego dispatched a Juanjo pass to bring the score level. After a period of intense blaugrana pressure, Joselito made it 2-1 just before the break.

Barça’s positive momentum carried through to the start of the second half which led to Dyego setting up Marc Tolrà for an exquisite finish for 3-1.

Dyego notched his second of the game before Adolfo made it 5-1. Barça, however, looked in no mood to settle for what they had.

Quintela had the fans on their feet when he netted an incredible bicycle to make it 6-1 and the icing on the cake was applied by Ferrao from the spot.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 7
Santiago Futsal, 1

Barça: Juanjo, Aicardo, Tolrà, Adolfo, Quintela –starting five–, Rómulo, Joao, Dyego, Ferrao, Joselito and Roger.

Santiago: Chema Mella, Santi, Armando, Catela and Hugo Sánchez -starting five-, Antonio Diz, Pablo Tallón, Pablo Mel and  Álex Diz.

Goals: 0-1, Catela (min 2). 1-1, Dyego (min 13). 2-1, Joselito (min 18). 3-1, Marc Tolrà (min 22). 4-1, Dyego (min 28). 5-1, Adolfo (min 34). 6-1, Quintela (min 36). 7-1, Ferrao (min 39).

Officials: Juan Cerda and Martínez García.

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