FC Barcelona Lassa racked up a hugely important 6-3 win over league leaders Movistar Inter at the Palau Blaugrana to move within two points of the top of the table.

Despite a bright start from Barça, the visitors took the lead - Ricardinho's corner was met by Ortiz for the opener on four minutes.

Finally, after plenty of pressure, Barça were level a minute before the break thanks to Dyego's strike, lifting the team's spirits at a crucial time.

Ferrao, at the very stat of the second half, put the hosts 2-1 ahead through a free-kick and, a minute later, Dyego grabbed his second for 3-1. Daniel had the chance to narrow the margin from the spot but Juanjo denied.

In quick succession, Barça raced to a 5-1 lead through the same two players as before: first through Ferrao on 27, and another from Dyego a minute later.

Ricardinho pulled one back for Inter, but not long before Dyego scored from his own half for his personal fourth of the game. The 6-3 final score leaves Barça two points behind Inter with four games remaining.

Match details

FC Barcelona Lassa, 6
Movistar Inter, 3

FC Barcelona Lassa: Juanjo, Joao Batista, Dyego, Ferrao i Adolfo -starting five-. Joselito, Quintela, Rafa Lopez, Roger, Sergio González and Xavi Cols.
Inter Movistar: Herrero, Pola, Ricardinho, Ortiz i Humberto  -starting five-. Taffy, Lolo, Gadeia, Borja, Daniel and Darlan.
Goals: 0-1, Ortiz (min. 4); 1-1, Dyego (min. 19); 2-1, Ferrao (min. 22); 3-1, Dyego (min. 23); 4-1, Ferrao (min. 27); 5-1, Dyego (min. 28); 5-2, Ricardinho (min. 32); 6-2, Dyego (min. 37) and 6-3, Humberto (min. 37).  
Officials: Juan Cerda and Martínez García

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