FC Barcelona Lassa came from behind on three occasions against Levante to seal a precious 7-4 win in front of their own supporters.

After their Spanish cup game, Andreu Plaza’s side knew they had to get back to winning ways in the league especially after Movistar Inter’s victory.

It certainly was not easy, with the visitors putting a massive fight. Levante went ahead three times: 0-1, 1-2 and 3-4, but Barça refused to be beaten.

Braces from Roger Serrano and Dyego, adding to goals from Quintela and Tolrà plus an own goal from Emilio Buendïa eventually brought an impressive 7-4 win for the Catalans.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 7
Levante, 4

Paco Sedano, Marc Tolrà, Joao Batista, Dyego, Ferrao –starting five- Adolfo, Joselito, Roger Serrano, Rafa López, Diego Quintela.

Levante: Yeray, Borja Milán, Sena, Emilio Buendía, Pizarro –starting five- Lucho, Márquez, Kiko Berrocal, Tripodi, Jé, Álex Oviaño.

Goals: 0-1, Borja Milán (min 1). 1-1, Dyego (min 2). 1-2, Rafa López, en pròpia (min 3). 2-2, Emilio Buendía, own goal (min 12). 3-2, Roger (min 23). 3-3, Borja Milán (min 28). 3-4, Kiko Berrocal (min 29). 4-4, Roger Serrano (min 30). 5-4, Quintela (min 34). 6-4, Dyego (min 38). 7-4, Marc Tolrà (min 40).

Officials: Cid Bragado and Martínez Torres

Attendance: 2,566 

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