FC Barcelona Lassa have lost at home in what was always going to a tough fixture against ElPozo Múrcia, another of the firm candidates for the domestic title.

The day had started well, with Roger Serrano opening the scoring after seven minutes, and Aicardo adding a second five minutes later.

The woodwork denied FCB Lassa a third, and although Àlex headed one back for the visitors just before the break, things were set up nicely for the second half.

ElPozo Múrcia started pushing hard after the interval, but the atmosphere in the Palau Blaugrana was calm enough until the 25th minute when a long range strike from Raúl Campos beat Barça keeper Juanjo and squared up the match.

The final minutes were as intense as futsal can get, and unfortunately the climatic moment was not the one that the blaugrana wanted. As a Barça defender was nutmegged, Juanjo’s view was obstructed and Miguelín was able to claim a freak winner.

It was time for Barça Lassa to take the rush goalie option, but to no avail and the game ended in disappointment.

Match stats

FCB Lassa, 2
ElPozo Múrcia, 3
FCB Lassa: Juanjo,  Aicardo, Marc Tolrà, Dyego, Ferrao –starting five–, Rómulo, Joao Batista, Adolfo, Joselito, Roger Serrano & Diego Quintela.
ElPozo Múrcia: Fabio, Cardinal, Bebe, Miguelín & Raúl Campos –starting five–, Fede, Elias, Andresito,  Álex, Fernando, Pito & Marinovic.
Goals: 1-0 Roger Serrano, min 7; 2-0 Aicardo, min 12; 2-1 Àlex, min 19; 2-2 Raúl Campos, min 25; 2-3 Miguelín, min 37.

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