FC Barcelona Lassa have won 4-3 at fellow Catalan club Catgas Energia Santa Coloma in Saturday’s LNFS match against a side that made life difficult both sides of the interval.

But Barça got there in the end with one goal from each of the four Brazilians on show: Joao Batista, Rómulo, Dyego and Ferrao.

They were never behind the match and never lost the lead from the 11th minute until the final whistle, although they did see a two-goal lead cut in half on two occasions.

Captain Paco Sedano in goal played a key role in holding off the final onslaught from the home side to seal a victory that leaves Barça Lassa top of the table with 34 points.

Match stats

Catgas Santa Coloma, 3
FC Barcelona Lassa, 4

Catgas Santa Coloma: Prieto, Sepe, López, Corvo & Salgado –starting five–, Del Moral, Rodríguez, Rescia, Rangel & Sergio.

FCB Lassa: Sedano, Joselito, Tolrà, Aicardo & Adolfo –starting five–, Ferrao, Dyego, Batista, Roger, Rómulo & Quintela.      

Goals: 0-1 Batista, min 6; 1-1 Salgado, min 11; 1-2 Rómulo, min 11; 1-3 Dyego, min 22; 2-3 Sepe, min 24; 2-4 Ferrao, min 25; 3-4 Sepe, min 30.

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