Bateria and Wilde celebrate a goal against Levante at the Palau / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Levante UD: Yeary, Jordi, Márquez, Kiko & Hugo –starting five–, Sena, Pichi, Cristian, Oviaño & Milan.

Barça Lassa: Cristian, Saad, Wilde, Tolrà & Dyego –starting five–, Aicardo, Bateria, Lozano & Lin.

Goals: 0-1 Tolrà, min 4; 1-1 Aicardo pp, min 6; 1-2 Bateria, min 15; 1-3 Dyego, min 24; 1-4 Wilde, min 33; 2-4 Lledó min 33; 2-5 Tolrà min 38; 2-6 Aicardo, min 40.

The Barça Lassa futsal team continues its fine form. After the impressive 7-1 thumping of league leaders Inter at the Palau Blaugrana last week, they cruised to another big win at Levante, although the game was anything but as the final score of 6-2 might suggest.

Marc Tolrà got Barça off to man early lead, but it only took two minutes for the home side to equalise. A Bateria penalty shortly before the interval was the only other goal of a tightly contested first half.

A terrific solo effort from Dyego extended Barça’s lead when the teams came back out. That hurt the Valencians, and Wilde‘s 33rd minute goal then made it 4-1 and as good as sentenced the game. Levante did pull one back with seven minutes to play, but it didn’t seem to worry Barça too much, especially after Kiko Berrocal of Levante was sent off.

Tolrà added his second to make it 6-2 and the team can now focus on the Spanish Cup next week having narrowed the gap, albeit perhaps only temporarily on top-of-the-table Inter Movistar.

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