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FC Barcelona begin 2016 with a draw after being held 3-3 away from home at Jumilla in their 17th game of the league. The game was a Jekyll and Hyde affair for Marc Carmona’s team - they stormed to a 3-0 lead in the first half, only for it to slip away after the break with the home mounting a comeback.

Things began well for the visitors. Ferrao going close to giving Barça the lead early on. It was not long before the Catalans were ahead, Wilde scoring his 17th league goal of the season to move to top of the goalscoring charts after seven minutes. Five minutes later Ferrao made it 2-0 with an excellent finish to beat home keeper Fede. It was soon 3-0 as Dyego added another after good work with Ferrao. Jumilla sacrificed their keeper before the break but Barça shot stopped Crisitian preserved the visitors’ advantage with some excellent saves.

In the second half the intensity dropped from Carmona’s team and the home side came back into the contest when Orzáez scored from a corner five minutes after the restart. Ferrao could have made 4-1 but the woodwork intervened and almost immediately Jumilla pulled it back to 3-2, Terry scoring a penalty after Tolrà had handled in the area. Nevertheless, Barça looked as though they were set to hang on for victory until Rubio’s deflected shot sneaked in at the near post to make the final score 3-3.

Marc Carmona’s side are now some four points behind leaders Inter Movistar who this weekend face Santiago Futsal.

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Jumilla, 3
FCB, 3

Jumilla: Fede, Rober, Lucas, Orzáez, Javaloy – starting five – Everton, Simón, Terry, Edu y Rubio

FCB: Cristian, Aicardo, Saad, Dyego, Ferrao – starting five – Wilde, Bateria, Lin, Gabriel, Tolrà

Goals: 0-1, Wilde (m. 7); 0-2, Ferrao (m. 12); 0-3, Dyego (m. 14); 1-3, Orzáez (m. 25), 2-3, Terry (m. 31), 3-3, Aicardo (m. 39)

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