After losing the first two games of the best-of-five series for the LNFS title, FC Barcelona Lassa kept things alive with a spectacular win in game three on Thursday night. Another defeat would have spelled curtains, and things were looking far from good when the visitors went into a 3-1 lead.

Movistar Inter threatened right from the start but the scoreboard didn’t move until the ninth minute when Pola fired them into the lead. Dyego equalised immediately but the third goal in three minutes saw Cardinal regain the lead for Inter, which Humberto had managed to extend to 3-1 before the break.

Sergio Lozano and Dyego scored quick goals after the restart to get the sides back level, but four minutes later Humberto put Inter ahead again at 4-3.

The sending off of Daniel proved to be the turning point. Lozano banged back Barça level and from then on it was full speed ahead for the Catalans. Dyego completed his hat-trick, and with Inter forced to play with a rush goalie, Lozano delivered the killer blow by scoring his own third of the night.

This game is still very much alive, and game four now awaits on Saturday at 1.00pm CET.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 6
Movistar Inter, 4

Barça Lassa: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Dyego, Saad, Wilde –starting five-, Tolrà, Gabriel, Lin, Lozano, Bateria, Ferrao.

Movistar Inter: J. Herrero, Humberto, Daniel, Pola, Ricardinho –starting five-, Lolo, Rivillos, Borja, Darlan, Cardinal, Ortiz.

Goals: 0-1, Pola (9’). 1-1, Dyego (9’). 1-2, Cardinal (10’). 1-3, Humberto (14’). 2-3, Lozano (25’). 3-3, Dyego (26’). 3-4, Humberto (28’). 4-4, Lozano (31’). 5-4, Dyego (37’). 6-4, Lozano (40’).

Attendance: 5,374 spectators at the Palau Blaugrana.

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