Barça Lassa scored five in the Spanish Cup quarter final / ERNESTO ARADILLA

FCB Lassa: Sedano, Aicardo, Dyego, Saad, Wilde -starting five-, Tolrà, Lin, Lozano, Bateria, Ferrao.

Magna Gurpea: Raúl, Araça, Jeuslito, Carlitos, Eseverri -starting five-, Víctor, Yoshikawa, Martil, Dani Saldise, Rafa Usín.

Goals: 0-1 Eseverri, min 1; 1-1 Lozano, min 12; 2-1 Bateria, min 14; 3-1 Bateria, min 15; 4-1 Wilde, min 20; 4-2 Rafa Usín, min 24; 5-2 Bateria, min 34.


FC Barcelona Lassa are through to the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup being played this weekend in Guadalajara after defeating Magna Gurpea 5-2 despite conceding the opening goal to the side from Navarra.

A hat-trick from Bateria plus one each from Lozano and Wilde were enough to reach the last four in comfortable fashion, where FCB’s next opponent will be ElPozo Múrcia, who made it through 2-1 against Aspil-Vidal Ribera Navarra. That match will be played at 8.15pm CET, and will be played immediately after the semi-final between Burela Pescados Rubén and Movistar Inter.

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