Gabriel just before he scored the equaliser / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

FC Barcelona Lassa: Cristian, Aicardo, Dyego, Saad & Wilde -starting five-, Marc Tolrà, Gabriel, Lin, Sergio Lozano, Bateria, Ferrao & Paco Sedano.

Aspil-Vidal Ribera Navarra: Molina, David, Roger, Luisma & Joselito -starting five-, Hamza, Lucho, M.García, David Pazos & Pedro.

Goals: 0-1 Roger, min 5; 0-2 Pedro, min 8; 0-3 Joselito, min 9; 0-4 Joselito, min 11; 1-4 Gabriel, min 12; 2-4 Aicardo, min 19; 3-4 Wilde, min 30; 4-4 Gabriel, min 36.

Barça were on the verge of disaster in Friday night’s LNFS match. After just ten minutes they had gone 4-0 down to fifth placed Navarra. But the Palau Blaugrana supporters never gave up on their team, and what followed after that was a comeback to remember.

Gabriel scored twice and Aicardo and Wilde got the other two as Barça managed to salvage a point and came very close to nabbing a late winner. Remarkable stuff, meaning that Barça have managed to maintain the pressure on regular season leaders Inter Movistar with just three games to go before the play-offs start.

[HIGHLIGHTS] FUTSAL (LNFS): FC Barcelona Lassa... por fcbarcelona
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