Bateria in the build up to his first goal / VICTOR SALGADO-FCB

Into the semifinals. Barça Lassa dispatched Peniscola Rehabmedic this Tuesday at the Palau Blaugrana in which a place in the last four of the Copa del Rey was at stake. After an intense first half with goals from Bateria and a equaliser from Nakata, the blaugranes superiority was established when Bateria scored another, followed by strikes from Dyego, Lin, Wilde and Aicardo to guarantee victory for Marc Carmona’s team.

The home side went ahead after just two minutes when Bateria found an angle to beat Gonzalo in goal for Peniscola. The blaugranes were the dominant side in the first half but Gonzalo was in inspired mood, saving from Bateria, Wilde and Saad. The visitors found it difficult to create chances as well but they did find an equaliser when Nakata, on loan from Barça, showed great composure to make it 1-1 at half time.

Second half onslaught

The goal at the end of the half gave the visitors a boost but in the second half Bateria produced a wonder goal to give the blaugranes the lead again. Carmona’s side were without the injured Sergio Lozano but Dyego scored the third to give the home side a bit of breathing room. Lin added another before Wilde and Aicardo rounded out the win for Barça Lassa.

With the win FC Barcelona are now in the semi-finals of a competition that they have won four times in the last five years. The draw will be on Friday where Aspil Vidal Ribera, ElPozo Murcia and Palma Futsal will also be involved for ties that will be played over two legs on 3-4 November and 23-24 February.


Barça Lassa, 6
Peniscola, 2

FC Barcelona Lassa: Sedano, Aicardo, Dyego, Bateria and Ferrao –starting five–, Gabriel, Tolrà, Lin, Wilde and Saad.

Peniscola FS RehabMedic: Gonzalo, Yeray, Michel, Asensio and Josiko –starting five–, Javi Alonso, Nakata, Verdejo, Galán, Carlitos and Juanqui.

Goals: 1-0, Bateria (min 2); 1-1, Nakata (min 20); 2-1, Bateria (min 28); 3-1, Dyego (min 26); 4-1, Lin (min 32); 5-1, Wilde (min 35); 6-1, Aicardo (min 36); 6-2, Michel (min 38).

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