El Barça ha caigut a semifinals i no jugarà la final de la Copa d'Espanya

Barça Lassa bowed out of the Spanish Cup on Saturday night. / ERNESTO ARADILLA

The FC Barcelona Lassa futsal team will not be in the Spanish Cup final on Sunday Cup after falling in Guadalajara in the penultimate match of the tournament.

The team coached by Marc Carmona ran into a bit of tough luck while falling to El Pozo Murcia by a score of 5-3.

Barça took leads in the game up to three times thanks to goals from Marc Tolrà, Sergio Lozano and Dione Alex Veroneze (aka  Bateria), but Murcia were been able to answer each time they fell behind and managed to hold on in the final moments of the second half.

The loss is a disappointing one for FCB Lassa, who will now be focusing solely on the league title in what remains of the season.

Sunday's final will pit ElPozo Murcia against Inter Movistar.

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ElPozo Murcia,5
FCB Lassa, 3

El Pozo Múrcia: Fabio, José Ruiz, Miguelín, Lima i Jê –starting five– Bebe, Adri, Marinovic, Matteus, Álex and Raúl Campos.

FCB Lassa: Paco Sedano, Marc Tolrà, Dyego, Bateria i Wilde –starting five– Aicardo, Lin, Sergio Lozano, Saad and Ferrao.

Goals: 0-1 Eseverri, min 15; 1-1 Saad, own-goal, min 20; 1-2 Sergio Lozano, min 20; 2-2 Lima, min 23; 2-3 Bateria, min 27; 3-3 Bebe, min 27; 4-3 Miguelín, min 31; 5-3 Matteus, min 40.

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