Aicardo and Lozano both scored second-half goals on Saturday. / GERMAN PARGA-FCB

Catgas Santa Coloma, 6
FC Barcelona Lassa, 7

FC Barcelona: Cristian, Gabriel, Sergio Lozano, Batería and Ferrao (starting five) Dyego, Saad, Aicardo, Wilde, Tolrà and Lin.

Catgas Santa Coloma: Didac, Fabián, Sepe (1), Rafa López and Dani Salgado (starting five), Pablo del Moral, Corvo and Rangel.

Goals: 1-0 Sepe, min 9; 1-1 Ferrao, min 12; 1-2 Dyego, min 17; 2-2 Dani Salgado, min 20. (second half) 2-3 Aicardo, min 23; 2-4 Sergio Lozano, min 24; 3-4 Corvo, min 25; 3-5 Tolrà, min 25; 4-5 Corvo, min 31; 5-5 Fabián, min 31; 6-5 Rafa López, min 35; 6-6 Lozano, min 35; 6-7 Wilde, min 38.

FC Barcelona just barely squeaked by in Saturday's much-anticipated Catalan derby, pulling out a hair-raising 7–6 triumph over feisty rivals Catgas Santa Coloma. Marc Carmona's squad were able to turn the tables after the going got tough, managing to avoid the agony of defeat and emerge with three vital points. The victory puts Barca all alone at the top of the league standings.

Ferrao, Dyego, Aicardo, Lozano (2), Tolrà and Wilde all scored for FC Barcelona.

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