Barça put on attacking masterclass against Jumilla / GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The best possible start for FC Barcelona Lassa futsal team in the Palau Blaugrana. After their victory away from home in their first game of the campaign, Marc Carmona’s side debuted at home with a comfortable goal-filled victory over Jumilla Bodegas Carchelo. The Murcian side caused problems for ElPozo Múrcia in their opening game of the season but against Barça they were helpless when faced with the blaugranes’ potent attack. Barça lead 7-0 at half-time before easy off in the second half to take a 9-1 at full time.

Sharp in front of goal

Jumilla caused a few problems for the blaugranes initially, Juandi hitting the post. Nevertheless, Barça were soon in control, Batería opening the scoring. Lozano then extended the lead for the home side before Gabriel and then Batería again made it 4-0. In the last five minutes of the half Barça scored three times more. Wilde found the net from the middle of the court, Batería completed his hat-trick and Aicardo made it 7-0 at the break.

Goals and more goals

Despite having the match under control, Barça still went after more goals. Wilde grabbed a second thanks to an assist from Cristian. Then Aicardo scored his second of the game to make it 9-0, allowing Marc Carmona the luxury of bringing on young keeper Miquel Freixas for his league debut. Juandi finally pulled a goal back for Jumilla to make the final score 9-1.


FCB Lassa, 9
Jumilla, 1

FCB Lassa: Cristian, Gabriel, Dyego, Saad, Wilde –starting five-, Lin, Lozano, Batería, Aicardo, Ferrao, Tolrà, M. Feixas.

Jumilla: Fede, Raúl Canto, Negro, Juandi, Cristian Rubio –starting five-, Denis, Javaloy, Simón, Terry.

Goals: 1-0 Batería, min 4; 2-0 Lozano, min 6; 3-0 Gabriel, min 10; 4-0 Batería, min 11; 5-0 Wilde, min 16; 6-0 Batería, min 17; 7-0 Aicardo, min 17; 8-0 Wilde, min 23; 9-0 Aicardo, min 27; 9-1 Juandi, min 33.

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