Dyego, Aicardo and Wilde all scored in a big win / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Elche: Varilla, Raúl Manjón, Jesús García, Juanjo, Kiwi –starting five-, Javi, Carlos Anós, Vicen, Óscar Ruiz, Pitu.

FCB Lassa: Cristian, Aicardo, Lin, Sergio Lozano, Ferrao –starting five-, Marc Tolrà, Dyego, Ferran Plana, Wilde.

Goals: 0-1 Lin, min 2; 0-2 Wilde, min 6; 1-2 Anós, min 8; 1-3 Aicardo, min 8; 1-4 Dyego, min 14; 1-5 Lozano, min 17; 1-6 Vicen (pp), min 18; 1-7 Ferrao, min 18; 1-8 Lin, min 25; 2-8 Vicen, min 25; 2-9 Wilde, min 30; 2-10 Dyego, min 31; 2-11 Lin, min 34; 2-12 Dyego, min 38; 3-12 Pitu, min 39.


FC Barcelona Lassa completed the LNFS regular season with a humungous 12-3 win at Elche, the prefect way to prepare for the quarter final play-off, which pairs them with Catgas Santa Coloma.

Even without Bateria and Gabriel, the side with the poorest defensive record in the competition often looked like cannon fodder for a Barça team that has become the first side to ever score 150 goals in the regular season.

Lin and Dyego both celebrated hat-tricks, Wilde took a brace and Aicardo and Lozano also found the target, with the other score coming courtesy of an own goal.

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