Alegria de Lozano and Ferrao in action this season / FCB Archive

Barça Lassa have started their Copa del Rey campaign in the best possible fashion by recording an overwhelming 15-0 victory over Agüimes FS. The team from the Canary Islands were overrun in the first half of the encounter conceding nine goals before the break. For the blaugranes Dyego, Sergio Lozano and Ferrao all helped themselves to hat-tricks.

Marc Carmona’s side were ahead 2-0 in the opening minutes, eager to take control as they knew that in a one off tie, surprises had to be kept to a minimum. Wilde broke the deadlock and Dyego added a second to allow the blaugranes to take control of the game. Between minute 13 and 20 Barça scored seven times to render obsolete any hope the home side had of springing an upset. Bateria, Lozano and Gabriel all pitched in amongst others before Dyego was able to complete a first half hat-trick to make the score 9-0 to Barça at the break.

In the second half Carmona’s side eased back a little with the contest already decided. More goal inevitably came with Lozano and Ferrao picking up their hat-tricks to add to Dyego first half trio of strikes. With the game over, Barça thoughts can now turn to their next opponents in the Copa del Rey who will be Magna Gurpea at the Palau next week.



Agüimes Profiltek FS: Dimas, Tony, Quinha, Abelito, Yoni –starting five- Juan Mariano, Raúl, Josua, Palillo, Nacor, Luis and Gorka.

FC Barcelona Lassa: Cristian, Aicardo, Lozano, Lin, Wilde –starting five-, Batería, Ferrao, Juan Emilio, Dyego, Gabriel andTolrà.

GOALS: 0-1 Lin (min 4), 0-2 Dyego (min 5), 0-3 Bateria (min 13), 0-4 Lozano (min 14), 0-5 Gabriel (min 15), Lozano (min 16), 0-7 Dyego (min 17), 0-8 Ferrao (min 18), 0-9 Dyego (min 20), 0-10 Batería (min 23), 0-11 Ferrao (min 26), 0-12 Lozano (min 28)., 0-13 Juan Emilio (min 32), 0-14 Juan Emilio (min 38), 0-15 Ferrao (min 38).

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