Sergio Lozano opens the scoreline / PHOTO: YANYA LUBIS

Rafa Usín scored two goals in Saturday’s friendly / PHOTO: YANYA LUBIS

Marc Carmona and his players enjoyed a comfortable win on Saturday against Thai outfit Port Authority FC in the second friendly of their Indonesian tour.

The FC Barcelona squad displayed good coordinated teamwork despite tougher than expected opposition.  The Thai players shored up their defensive efforts in the second half to stem the flow of goals while the Barca defence also performed well, conceding just the one goal on the break.

Objectives met

The game featured goals from the new faces and younger players.  Lozano opened the goal feast followed by Bateria, Ferrao, Ortego –two apiece-, Rafa Usín and Pol.  In terms of pre-season preparations it’s definitely a case of objectives met.

The goals

1-0 Lozano

2-0 Bateria

3-0 Bateria

4-0 Rafa Usín

5-0 Ortego

5-1 Adriano

6-1 Ferrao

7-1 Ferrao

8-1 Ortego

9-1 Pol

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