Ferrao was one of the scorers on the road at Santiago Futsal / FCB ARCHIVE

Santiago Futsal: Iker, Lucas Bolo, Hugo Sánchez, Lucho & Diego Quintela –starting five–, Borja, Iván Rumbo, Santi, Gallego, Chino, Pablo Tallón, Kristijan.  

FC Barcelona: P. Sedano, Gabriel, Dyego, Bateria i Wilde –starting five–, Saad, Ferrao, Lin, Ari Santos, Aicardo, Usín.

Goals: 0-1, Bateria (min 10); 1-1, Lucho (min 12); 1-2, Ferrao (min 14); 1-3, Aicardo (min 26); 1-4, Lin (min 26).


FC Barcelona got the job done in Santiago and will go into Tuesday’s huge game with Inter Movistar as league leaders.

It took them ten minutes to finally break down the home side when Bateria collected the ball from inside his own half and beat goalkeeper Iker with a fine shot from outside the area. Santiago came right back at them, and Lucho pulled level following a great one-two with Hugo Sánchez. But the home fans’ joy was short-lived. Just two minutes later Ferrao got his 21st goal of the season from a cleverly constructed set piece and Barça were leading again.

Barça then piled on the pressure, but it wasn’t until the second half that they extended their lead, when Aicardo and Wilde combined brilliantly to make it 3-1. Moments later, Wilde set up Lin, who stoked home goal number four. The home side opted for rush goalie tactics in a desperate bid to get back into the match, but by this stage there was only ever going to be one winner. Three valuable points for Barça and now attention turns to the crucial game on Tuesday night.

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